AP Providing HD Coverage in North Korea

LONDON: The Associated Press announced a deal with North Korean state broadcaster KRT and the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications to provide the country with high definition news coverage. Footage will be provided by Associated Press Television News (APTN).

Terms of the deal state that APTN will have exclusive rights to transmit broadcast-quality HD images of certain news events occurring in North Korea as well as the unilateral delivery of HD video feeds to other broadcasters wishing to transmit out of the country.

North Korea already has a HD infrastructure in place as part of the upcoming televised coverage of major events surrounding the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, the country’s founder.

The Associated Press first began operating in North Korea from an office in Pyongyang in 2006. AP signed two “memos of understanding” and a contract with the North Korea News Agency this past June, including one concerning to establish a news bureau in Pyongyang.