Anti Sinclair-Tribune Ad Hits the Road

WASHINGTON—Allied Progress, an opponent of the proposed Sinclair-Tribune merger, is taking to the streets to make its case, literally. The organization launched a mobile billboard advertising campaign on Wednesday, Nov. 15, that is designed to remind regulators and legislators in Washington, D.C., about what it perceives as the negatives of the possible merger.

The billboard, pictured to the left, features Boris Epshteyn, who Allied Progress describes as Sinclair’s “chief propagandist,” and says that the merger would mean “less competition; fewer local voices; more biased news coverage; higher costs for consumers.” It also asks people to oppose the merger by visiting

The billboard will travel the streets of D.C. until Tuesday, Nov. 21. It started its run on Nov. 15 around the Capitol in advance of a panel discussion on the merger being hosted by the Capitol Visitor Center. On Nov. 16 it will be at the FCC headquarters during the commission’s open meeting. It is also expected to visit Congressional offices and the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division.

“This merger would allow the largest owner of local television stations to monopolize the industry,” said Karl Frisch, executive director of Allied Progress. “Giving Sinclair this staggering level of influence would undermine independent media across the country, cheating consumers of independent journalism.”