Another possible site for NYC broadcasters

Tower space is at a premium in the New York City area. With the Empire State building holding just about all the TV and FM it can, and a number of stations temporarily on the Armstrong (Alpine) tower, other tower sites are being reviewed for permanent and auxiliary facilities.

Conde Nast Building on Times Square

The TV and FM broadcasters seem to be gravitating toward separate sites. The proposed 2000-foot tower being planned for across the Hudson is being designed mainly for TV, but the Metropolitan Television Alliance (MTVA) has said it is not ruling FM tenants out.

Another possibility for a combination site is the Conde Nast building in Times Square. The building's owner plans to replace the current 132-foot tower atop the building with a 358-foot tower.

The current tower is the backup site for Clear-Channels' five local stations. It was designed to handle 12 FM antennas. The Durst Organization, the owner, claims that the new tower could house all the city's FMs as an auxiliary site. The Durst Organization also said it is talking to TV stations about hosting its auxiliary sites. FAA approval has already been obtained and construction is planned to be completed by next June.

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