An Aereo Retrospective

Since we’ve pummeled this pony into the ground, let’s not give it another kick. Here’s a collection of TV Technology's Aereo coverage from the start...

Aereo Chief Says Court Ruling is ‘Chilling’
June 25, 2014—The case came before the high court after two federal courts denied injunctions against Aereo, while two others granted them against Aereo and a similar service.

Lawmakers, Lobbyists, React to Aereo Ruling
June 25, 2014—Members of House Commerce Committee say the case illustrates the need to update communications law.

Broadcasters Prevail in Aereo
June 25, 2014—The U.S. Supreme Court finds in favor of broadcasters in the two-year legal battle.

McAdams On: Aereo: Wordplay v. Science
April 24, 2014— The Aereo controversy is about many things. It’s about the use of language to manipulate public opinion. It’s about how the explosion of IP technology has left media law in the dust. It’s about the deterioration of ownership boundaries and the maturing public perception that all media content should be free in perpetuity.

Deconstructing Aereo’s Patent
April 23, 2014—Display expert Pete Putman’s takedown. “In order for our antenna to resonate—i.e., have gain at the desired frequency—it needs to have some fractional relationship to the wavelength.”

Aereo Argued, Waiting Begins
April 22, 2014— The justices of the U.S. Supreme Court were skeptical about Aereo’s technology but concerned about protecting the cloud in Tuesday’s oral arguments.

The Aereo Timeline
April 21, 2014—TV Technology provides a timeline of Aereo’s roll-out and the legal maneuvers that followed.

Aereo Not Backing DownMarch 26, 2014— With a major Supreme Court case brought against it by broadcasters looming, and a preliminary injunction that bans the service from operating in Utah and five other states, Aereo continues to expand its Internet streaming service into new markets across the U.S. The company said it is now in a dozen markets with a 28-channel service, including all major broadcast channels, with plans to expand to 15 or more cities by the end of the year

If Aereo Loses Supreme Court Battle, It May Be Out of Options
March 23, 2014—Speaking with Bloomberg TV this week, Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia appeared casual in his demeanor and unsure of the outcome of the impending Supreme Court battle with the broadcast industry that is set to start on April 22.

Attorneys Argue Aereo Legality~NO from Scott Flick, Pillsubury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
February 28, 2014—
The major argument you hear in support of Aereo is “if a viewer can do it, then the viewer should be allowed to hire Aereo to do it for them.” That logic is flawed for a number of legal reasons too complex to address in this short space, but it is also factually flawed—a truism that isn’t true (i.e., a person can have sex with their spouse, but if they hire someone else to do it, that’s prostitution, and it’s illegal in most places).

AttorneyArgueAereoLegality~ YESfrom John Bergmayer, Public Knowledge
February 28, 2014— A lot of people can’t get over the tiny antennas. But Aereo is about more than that—it’s about whether people have the right to access their own content on the Internet.

Aereo to Launch in Austin March 3
February 24, 2014— Aereo said it will carry 19 broadcast channels in the Austin market.

Injunction Against Aereo Granted in Utah
February 19, 2014— Judge Dale Kimball of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Utah ruled in favor of broadcasters granting a preliminary injunction against Aereo.

Supreme Court to Hear ABC v. Aereo April 22
February 11, 2014— The case involves Copyright Act application to streaming of free broadcast TV programs via the Internet to paying customers. Justice Samuel Alito is recused.

Aereo to Launch in San Antonio Feb. 19
February 3, 2014— The San Antonio service will cover a 22-county area across Texas.

Aereo Dangs Torpedoes Again to Light Up Cincinnati
January 17, 2014—Aereo plans to launch service in the Greater Cincinnati region on Jan. 21. The announcement comes a week after the Supreme Court said it would hear the case brought by broadcasters against Aereo for retransmitting signals without a contract.

Supreme Court to Hear Aereo Case
January 10, 2014—he U.S. Supreme Court will hear broacasters’ case against Aereo, according to a statement from the defendant. Aereo CEO and founder, Cheg Kanojia said SCOTUS issued an order granting the petition for a writ of certiorari in American Broadcasting Co., Inc., et al., v. Aereo, Inc. Kanojia said to bring it on.

Diller Funds Aereo With Supreme Court Review Looming
January 8, 2014—Aereo announced Monday that closed a $34 million Series C round of financing. On Friday, the Supreme Court is set to deliberate broadcasters’ request for review of their case against Aereo. The temporal proximity was noted by Twittarians.

Aereo Won’t Fight Broadcast Supreme Court Appeal

December 12, 2013—Aereo chief Chet Kanojila said his company won’t oppose broadcasters bid for a review by the Supreme Court.

Aereo to Launch in Sinclair's Home Turf, Avoids Flagship Fox Affiliate
December 6, 2014—Aereosaid it launch in the Baltimore metropolitan region Dec. 16.

Settling the Aereo Issue
October 31, 2013—As the man who built the Fox TV network 30 years ago, Barry Diller is used to battling conventional wisdom.

Cable Aereo Emulation Complicated, Analysts Say
October 28, 2013—Wells Fargo analysts are skeptical about reports that cable companies are considering adopting Aereo’s mode of retransmitting over-the-air TV signals.

Aereo Goes West
September 24, 2013 —Aereo added four more cities to its launch list: Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and San Antonio, Texas.

Aereo to Launch in Utah August 19th
July 22, 2013—ereo announced plans to launch its online TV technology across 29 counties in Utah Aug. 19.

Second Circuit Won't Hear En Banc Aereo Appeal
July 16, 2013—A federal appeals court denied a request by broadcasters for all 13 judges to consider their request for an injunction against Aereo.

McAdams On: TV Everywhere, Why Aereo Wins the PR War
July 11, 2013—My query then to Aereo is based on their premise that they should be able to retransmit broadcast signals for free: So why isn’t their service free?

McAdams On: Aereo’s Unlikely Proposition
June 28, 2013— “There’s been a lot of incentive over the years to come up with an antenna that didn’t take six foot over the top of a person’s TV set… Wouldn’t the first step have been to license this antenna technology to RCA?”

Aereo To Launch in Boston May 30
April 23, 2013— WCVB-TV, the Hearst-owned ABC affiliate in Boston, has filed suit against Aereo for copyright infringement.

Aereo, Two-Love
April 1, 2013— Broadcasters were denied an injunction against signal aggregator Aereo for the second time Monday when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit rejected their premise.

Update: Aereo Plans to Go Nationwide...
January 8, 2013— Aereo’s expansion will start with 22 cities in 2013--Boston, Miami, Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Detroit, Denver, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Fla; Cleveland, Kansas City, Raleigh-Durham, N.C., Salt Lake City, Birmingham, Ala., Providence, R.I., and Madison, Wis.

CEA Friends Aereo
October 29, 2012— “CEA is joining an amicus brief in the Aereo case as the case will hinge on basic principles from the 1984 Supreme Court Sony Betamax case, the Magna Carta decision of our industry defining full recording of broadcast television as a fair use and allowing innovation in technology,” said CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro

Cablevision Friends Broadcasters in Aereo Case
9, 25, 2012— “Cablevision has a strong interest in this case,” the pay TV provider said in an amicus brief filed Sept. 21 with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in Lower Manhattan. “The district court relied squarely on the Cablevision decision in upholding the lawfulness of Aereo’s retransmission system.”

Report: Aereo Legality Could Hinge on Patents
August 6, 2012—
It is not clear, however, how Aereo’s demodulation scheme may influence the determination of its public or private nature. The patents state that demodulation takes place in a “pipeline.”

Aereo Dangs the Torpedoes, Offers Free Trial, $1-a-Day Pass
August 2, 2012— A new feature allows Big Apple denizens to try Aereo for free “for a continuous one-hour period each day,” and for a $1 a day for those who want to try it out a little longer.

Analyst: Aereo Not Compelling, But Could Be Retrans Leverage
July 12, 2012— “While the ‘heart’ of this case is not over, the language was clearly more negative than we had anticipated,” wrote the team of analysts headed by Marci Ryvicker. “We do not believe that there is real risk to retrans dollars, but do think the headlines from last night's news could pressure some of the large market TV stocks.”

McAdams On: Aereologica
March 20, 2012— “The Aereo Technology operates within the confines of three well-established principles of telecommunications and copyright law,” the outfit’s hired guns said in court this week. “First, it has been well-settled since the Radio Act of 1927 that the airwaves are owned by the public...” Don’t I wish.

Aereo Beta Launches Despite Legal Challenges
March 14, 2012— Aereo is launching its TV rebroadcasting service in New York despite a legal challenge by broadcasters whose signals were not licensed by the start-up. The company announced a beta launch today, offering a special link on its website for New Yorkers to sign up for service.

New York Broadcasters Sue Aereo
March 1, 2012— Several New York broadcasters have banded together to sue Aereo, a new service that intends to distribute live, unlicensed broadcast signals to broadband-enabled mobile devices. WNET, Fox, Univision, Tribune’s CW affiliate, WPIX, and the Public Broadcasting Service have filed suit in U.S. District Court in Manhattan to stop Aereo, now set to launch in New York March 14.