Americans watch more TV, Internet video, mobile TV in third quarter

A new Nielsen Media analysis released Nov. 24 of the time Americans spend with television, the Internet and mobile platforms reveals usage is up.

The finding, part of a new Nielsen report, “A2/M2 Three-Screen Report-3rd Quarter 2008,” indicates home TV viewing grew 1.6 percent for the quarter compared to the Q3 2007 while time watching time-shifted television rose 34.5 percent. Quarterly percentage comparisons for Q3 ’07 vs. Q3 ’08 were not available for watching Internet video or watching video on mobile phones; however, compared to the second quarter tally, both rose in Q3 ’08.

The report also lays out the monthly amount of time spent viewing video on each platform by age group. Those 65 years of age and older spent the most time watching TV in the home per month at 196 hours and 23 minutes. Those age 25-34 spent the most time watching time-shifted TV monthly at 10 hours and four minutes. Nielsen found 18- to 24-year-olds spent the most time monthly watching Internet video at three hours and 57 minutes. When it comes to watching video on mobile phones, those 13 to 17 years of age and 25- to 34-year-olds both watched for four hours and 20 minutes.

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