Algolith Tapped for KLRU Conversions

KLRU Television, the PBS member station in Austin, Texas, is now using Algolith’s Downvonverter XVC-1001-DC for conversion of incoming HD video feeds to standard definition.

The station’s operations model required a conversion of 16:9 formats to 4:3 for transmission without a significant quality loss. The selection of Algolith technology was driven by this requirement.

“Some of the downconversion techniques we had seen in the past resulted in cropped 4:3 images that were missing important details, for example pledge information or telephone numbers,” said David Kulpers, vice president of engineering for KLRU, “The choice for us was further simplified by the cost effectiveness of Algolith’s reconfigurable card. Should we choose to, we can repurpose the Algogear card to any one of their existing video processing solutions at no additional cost and help future-proof our facility.”

The Algogear XVC-1001-DC downconverter selected by KLRU provides both an advanced de-interlacing process and directional content adaptive scaling. It also supports custom and standard aspect ratio conversion requirements.

KLRU has brought PBS programming to central Texas viewers for more than 40 years and generates a number of its own programs geared to local and regional audiences.