AJA demos uncompressed HD streaming

The XENA HD card was demonstrated during the Internet2 fall member meeting last month.

The AJA XENA HD card has been used in the first demonstration of an uncompressed 1080i HD video conference between two remote locations separated by 1700 miles.

For the demonstration, made during the Internet2 fall member meeting, a XENA HD card was on each end of the system, installed in PCs running Microsoft Windows. The ResearchChannel demonstrated the video streaming on a shared OC48 over the Abilene Network during the meeting Sept. 30 in Austin, TX, and connected with participants at the University of Washington in Seattle.

During the meeting, participants from the university showed a technology in development that makes high-quality, low-latency interactive videoconferencing possible at HDTV quality over IP networks. Voice and HD video were streamed at a sustained data rate of 1.5Gb/s. For more information, visit www.aja.com.

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