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AI Installs High Power MSDC IOT Analog Transmitter at WNUV

Acrodyne Industries (AI) announced that WNUV, the Baltimore MD area WB affiliate, had installed AI's first Quantum transmitter designed for both analog and digital operation using the e2v water cooled depressed collector IOTs. The AI press release said, "This unique installation is the industry's first installed depressed collector IOT analog transmitter and represents the most powerful depressed collector installation in the industry at a power rating of 240kW." AI also said the transmitter was the only one IOT-based transmitter on the market using the water-cooled e2v ESCIOT tube in a dual use analog/digital cabinet.

Nat Ostroff, President of Chairman of the Board of AI, explained, "Our analysis is that whatever energy savings you achieve in digital service, in terms of percentage, you get the same energy savings in analog. Therefore this demonstrates the depressed collector Quantum transmitter is a system that can and should be used for either analog or digital applications. WNUV-TV is expected to realize a total energy savings of a quarter-million dollars annually as a result of the installation of this equipment."

Depressed-collector IOT-based Quantum transmitters will be on display at AI's booth #3836 on the mezzanine in the central hall. For more information, visit