'Adrenaline' Shot With JVC GY-HD100U

Independent Producer Robert Lynn recently used the JVC GY-HD100U to film a new action/suspense movie, "Adrenaline," in one take.

Lynn said he chose the GY-HD100U because he and his crew wanted to shoot in 24p, and they needed a camera that was compact enough to be maneuvered quickly and easily to follow the main actor in an out of the car throughout the entire 90-minute shoot. The film follows the main character as an unseen antagonist takes control of his SUV's satellite assistance service. After he learns the same person controlling his car has kidnapped his daughter, he is forced to commit a series of dangerous tasks.

"No other camera was small enough to allow our crew to shoot through the window of a car," said Lynn. "We were able to capture such close-ups and quickly and easily follow the lead actor in and out of the SUV. Because the camera is so light, the crew was able to smoothly pass it back and forth. Throughout the entire shoot, the camera and audio crew moved as one, without the audience ever knowing."

The GY-HD100U is part of the JVC line of ProHD camcorders. The cameras can record about 8 hours on a DR-HD100 ProHD hard disk recorder and can natively incorporate the HD material into the Apple Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 system, as well as other compatible nonlinear editing platforms.

Lynn shot the movie in one take because he thought it was the best way to pull in the audience. "Telling the story in one take shows the actor's life in real time and by throwing the audience into the action it provides a more suspenseful impact," said Lynn.

Romar Entertainment has picked up "Adrenaline" for distribution and expects to release the film in theaters next year. Lynn also recently used the JVC GY-HD110U to film his next project, a horror film currently in post production.