Adelphia Taps SeaChange to Deliver Sports-on-Demand

Adelphia Communications will power its sports-on-demand television service with SeaChange Inc.'s Personal Video Recording capabilities. After completing PVR tests with Buffalo Sabres hockey games offered on-demand, Adelphia plans to add sports-on-demand to its digital service roster.

Adelphia will employ the automation and storage features in SeaChange's VOD system. The PVR system, comprised of software and video encoders, enables the recording of live events and provides subscribers with immediate access via existing digital set-top applications with VCR functionality. Subscribers can exit a recorded program stream to rejoin its live broadcast.

SeaChange believes its VOD systems will eventually be able to support the growth of VOD into everything on-demand. The company also offers built-in advertising capabilities that can offset the costs of building on-demand tiers.