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Absence of Price Cut for PS3 not Welcomed by Blu-ray Proponents

When the dust settles on some marketing strategies in a few weeks, it appears that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game console will be selling for about $100 less than Sony’s PlayStation3. Microsoft recently acknowledged reports (without denials) that it plans to lower Xbox’s price to about $300, a cut of $50 over current levels. (This pertains to the basic Xbox, not a high-powered model about to be introduced.)

Sony Chairman Howard Stringer has told Bloomberg News the PS3 will remain, for now, at the $400 level, saying that Microsoft’s downward pricing proves to him that his PS3 is continuing to outsell Xbox 360. Unlike the Xbox 360, all PS3 units come with internal Blu-ray Disc drives. But movie studios and other content providers jumping on the Blu-ray bandwagon cannot count on any type of marketing boost for the HD next-gen format coming from Sony, given the firm’s pricing strategy at the moment.

Owners of Xbox 360’s can purchase Blu-ray drives as add-ons. The top-selling game console, Wii from Nintendo, does not include any Blu-ray options.