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ABC seeks distribution for digital network

ABC News plans to launch an expanded suite of video news products available on the Internet, wireless devices, and someday, maybe even on cable television. But, for now, the service has no distribution.

ABC’s ambitious plan takes the unusual approach of making its programming available to new media outlets even before it completes a plan to get it on TV, Reuters reported.

ABC News Now will be offered in both a traditional linear format, like the regular TV news, and in some cases as an on-demand platform.

ABC News Now’s initial trial started last July and ended in January. That was shortly before the FCC decided to eliminate cable operators’ obligations to carry new digital channels created by traditional broadcasters, who already have cable carriage.

ABC News Now is available to about 30 million homes through the Internet on America Online, Comcast, Yahoo! and SBC. It is also available on MobiTV, GoTV and SmartVideo wireless devices.

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