700 MHz Auction Winners Announced

The FCC announced the completion of Auction No. 49 for 256 licenses in the 710-716/740-746 MHz (Block C) and 716-722 MHz (Block D) bands. Thirty-five bidders won a total of 251 licenses. Two broadcasters were winners in the auctions for the frequencies, which are now used for TV channels 54, 55 and 59.

Broadcast station owner LIN TV Corp. was high bidder for 13 of the licenses. The bids ranged from $447,000 for a block C license in Grand Rapids, Ind. to $22,000 for a block C license in Allegen, Mich. Capitol Broadcasting Company was winning bidder for three licenses in North Carolina, bidding a total of $80,000 for block C licenses in Anson, Camden and Pitt, North Carolina.

While the FCC service rules for this part of the 700 MHz spectrum allow for broadcast services, power and field strength restrictions may make it difficult to use the spectrum for conventional single transmitter broadcasting.

LIN TV did not disclose its plans for the spectrum in the Press Release announcing the winning bids. However, LIN TV Chairman, President and CEO Gary R. Chapman said, "Buying this spectrum is a long-term investment, at what we believe is an attractive price. We also believe that this additional spectrum, in a geographic area that is among the most congested in the country, will provide LIN versatility in our television markets as our business continues to evolve."

Capitol Broadcasting, through DTV Plus, uses terrestrial and satellite digital broadcasting to provide broadband data delivery. The 700 MHz spectrum Capitol acquired through this auction could be useful for enhancing broadcast data coverage and as a return path for data from users.

Additional information on the auction is available at the FCC Auctions web page. Attachment A contains the list of winning bids and the amounts.