5G Action Now Organization Launches

WASHINGTON—A new advocacy organization has been created to push for the development of 5G technology in the U.S. in 5G Action Now, which will be chaired by former Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), who during his time in Congress served as the House Intelligence Committee chairman.

In addition to the overall development of 5G and educating members of Congress and the American people about 5G, part of 5G Action Now’s goal is to beat China in the 5G race, so that the U.S. takes the lead in deploying 5G technology and is able to reap the economic benefits.

“The Chinese understand how important 5G is to America’s economy, national security and global leadership,” said Rogers. “It’s crucial that we don’t allow China to outspend and outplay us on the 5G field.”

Recent studies forecast that full deployment of 5G technology by 2035 will generate $13.2 trillion global economic output and support 22 million jobs.

“Ensuring America’s leadership in 5G is not about the next killer app or faster download speeds,” said Rogers. “It is about securing and strengthening our country’s economic future. We, as a country, need to have a critical conversation about how to prioritize the race for 5G.”

In its announcement, 5G Action Now said that it supports the FCC’s goal of holding a C-band auction this year, the spectrum it says is necessary to deliver ubiquitous 5G services.

5G Action Now is designated as a 501(c)4 advocacy organization.