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120Hz, 240Hz Share Growing Rapidly

Apparently the marketing of 120 Hz HD sets during last holiday’s sales season was more than a passing gimmick, according to research firm DisplaySearch. Double frame rates (100 Hz/120 Hz) and quadruple rates (200 Hz/240 Hz) together will comprise 19 percent of all LCD TV panel shipments by the end of 2009.

Faster frame rates over the currently typical 60 Hz variety are designed to provide smoother displays of fast-action movements, notably for live sports coverage and action movies.

DisplaySearch said this calendar year’s shipments of 100 Hz/120 Hz and 200 Hz/240 Hz LCD TV panels will reach 22.5 million units and 4.8 million units, respectively—accounting for nearly 16 percent and 3.4 percent, respectively, of the projected total 142 million units to be shipped globally.

Samsung led 100/120 Hz shipments with more than a one-third of total share, followed by AUO at more than 18 percent, and LGE, Sharp, CMO and IPS-Alpha with mostly single-digit shares.

Among mass producers of the 200-240 Hz variety of HD units, Samsung’s share is more than 92 percent, with LGE trailing at a very distant second.