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115 million HD-ready homes in Western Europe by 2010, researcher says

By 2010, there will be 115 million homes in Western Europe with HD-ready displays, but only about 17 million will be receiving HD broadcasting, resulting in a "content gap," according to a new study by Understanding & Solutions.

Helping to fill that gap will be 45 million Blu-ray players and recorders, including PS3 and PC drives. As a result, 75 percent of all player sales will be Blu-ray, making the format the winner in its battle with HD-DVD, the researcher said.

This month's anticipated launch of PS3 game consoles with built-in Blu-ray disc players in Europe will be a strong driver for HD ownership. Understanding & Solutions forecasts cumulative sales of more than 28 million PS3s in Western Europe by 2010, making up 52 percent of high-definition DVD players used in consumer homes.

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