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Red Bull Used Vizrt for Live Graphics as Baumgartner Broke Sound Barrier

ROSWELL, N.M. –When Felix Baumgartner became the first skydiver to break the soundbarrier, Red Bull selected Vizrt Technology to provide the graphic content and live stream the event. Baumgartner’s descent from a hot air balloon hovering 128,100 ft (39 km) above the New Mexico desert was broadcast live on, spanning 77 stations in 48 countries.

Red Bull sponsored the daredevil promotional event, which also helped youtube to break the record for most simultaneous views as 8 million viewers watched Baumgartner freefall and reach a maximum velocity of 833.9 mph (1,342 km/h).

Vizrt also teamed up with German data services company netventure, to gather and stream live data from capsule telemetry, mission clocks, chest pack information, bio-meds and other mission information in the Red Bull Stratos Mission Control in Roswell, New Mexico. The project used data centers in Germany, Austria, Ireland and the US.

The project used Viz Graphic Hub to distribute content between New Mexico and the studio at Servus TV in Salzburg, Austria. A Viz|Trio operator called up “pages” in a Viz|Trio show swhile the content was updated using live scripting and Viz Graphics Hub shared memory maps. Three of Vizrt’s real-time 3D compositing engines (the Viz Engine), were used to display the on-air graphics and video compositing. netventure film Austria also used Viz|Trio show to broadcast the event, while several Viz|Trio systems were used to display on air graphics and the studio monitors.