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WUSF-TV selects Pro-Bel technology for 13th Judicial Court

PBS station WUSF-TV has purchased and installed a Sirius router and Procion control technology at the 13th Judicial Court of Hillsborough County, FL.

WUSF designed the technology structure for the new building, carried out the install and has since taken over the operation. In the latest stage, WUSF has installed a 256x256 Sirius router in the building - fitted 128x128 SDI and 128x128 stereo analog. The router is remotely controlled over the Internet via Pro-Bel's Procion technology.

The day's recorded content is stored on two servers in the 32-courtroom building with that content then sent overnight via fibre link to WUSF's university-based facility where it is stored on a library archive system. By linking the Sirius to an already-installed router at the main facility via tie lines, the routers can talk directly for possible live transmissions in the future.

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