Wireless services acquires Mobile Media

Wireless Services has acquired Mobile Media North America, a producer and distributor of branded, made-for-mobile entertainment, interactive TV formats and mobile marketing concepts.

Wireless Services will merge the operations of the company into its SinglePoint division. SinglePoint helps content owners, media companies and advertisers create, deliver and confirm premium mobile messages. The acquisition was an all-cash transaction for an undisclosed amount.

Wireless Services supplies a carrier-grade infrastructure and mobile messaging services to wireless carriers in North and Latin America. Mobile Media, a mobile content provider, introduced premium off-network mobile services in North America. Off-net services include mobile content that is offered outside of a carrier's brand.

With Mobile Media North America, SinglePoint will provide a way for content owners to create, connect and confirm the delivery of wireless messages to mobile consumers in North America. It will also offer a distribution and billing platform with all major wireless carriers, as well as continuous connectivity to more than 60 media and mobile content companies.

For more information, visit www.gosinglepoint.com.

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