VideoLink ReadyCam system relies on Fujinon CPT-70F-02A pan/tilt system

Fujinon CPT-70F-02A systems

Boston-based VideoLink has turned to one of the newest Fujinon pan/tilt heads as part of its ReadyCam remote controlled robotic studio system.

Readycam, which provides a live on-air link between the client’s talent and the broadcaster, makes use of the new Fujinon CPT-70F-02A pan/tilt head technology.

The CPT-70F-02A offers increased speed, reduced power consumption and improved accuracy. VideoLink engineers control the pan/tilt heads with Fujinon EOP-102J-30D control systems.

A typical VideoLink ReadyCam studio includes a Fujinon CPT-70F-02A , with a broadcast-quality camera, audio package, studio lighting package, remote control interface, TV monitor and VCR. The EOP-102J-30D control system connects to the ReadyCam system via modem over a basic telephone line. Live shots are transmitted to the broadcast destination over a fiber infrastructure, with a split feed sent back to VideoLink headquarters for monitoring purposes.

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