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Level 3’s VenueNet+ is a service that provides high-quality HD and SD digital video transmission services to broadcast customers from major sports and event facilities, delivering live video to hundreds of destinations via the Vyvx network.

VenueNet+ facilities consist of multiple sites throughout the country. In addition to 31 NFL venues, there are multiple Level 3 Vyvx gateways, two operations facilities (Tulsa, OK, and Broomfield, CO) and an owned-and-operated teleport facility in Atlanta. Additionally, Level 3 customer facilities are enabled to receive or transmit from the VenueNet+ facilities.

Facilities range from new venues such as the New Meadowlands Stadium, in New Jersey, to long-standing icons such as the Lambough Field in Green Bay, WI. All locations have unique challenges that had to be overcome to enable the service, but the end result is a common set of customer interfaces on the customer-built and designed VenueNet+ white panel with a common set of services at all venues.

VenueNet+ goals are to provide an HD-SDI 3Gb/s-capable infrastructure; use fiber for the Vyvx connections at all venues; supply high-speed Internet services at the white panel, including scalability up to 10Gb/s; support future Level 3 data services such as VPN and private Ethernet services; enable proactive, always-on management connections; deliver signal detection at the panel; provide VoIP services via the Level 3 voice services portfolio; and use a converged access solution to provide voice, data and management connections.

The VenueNet+ service incorporates a comprehensive suite of broadcast transmission tools that integrate into broadcasters’ production workflow, making it possible to get all the services they need from one provider when producing and backhauling live games from a major league venue. Everything is already on-site, ready to go and fully managed 24/7 by trained Vyvx broadcast staff that become part of the overall production team.

The services provided are dynamic for each event. As such, each event requires a reconfiguration of the network hardware. The VenueNet+ implementation includes the addition of the VenueNet+ hardware to the Vyvx scheduling and control systems. The scheduling system allows the resource to be booked in advance of the event, which enables customers to know well ahead of time that the resources are available and reserved for their use. The control system automatically provisions the network just prior to the event.

VenueNet+ also combines enhanced local access with integrated uncompressed 1.5G and 3G HD encoding that eliminates the need for the broadcaster to ship equipment beforehand or use a third party to encode their video, improving setup and workflow on-site. Level 3’s high-speed Internet service supports large file transfers, including video files and broadcast operation tools that make production workflow more effective. The service also provides Level 3 enterprise telephone service for broadcast communications with the production studio during the game to manage and coordinate with broadcast headquarters.

  • New studio technology — HD
    Submitted by Level 3 CommunicationsTechnology at workAaxeon: ZEP-LNX1802GNT Ethernet switch
    APC: ZEP-BE550G power
    Cisco: CISCO2811 router
    Evertz: 3405FR-BNC fiber-optic SFP frame, 7700FC+3RU VistaLINK frame controller, 7707VB13-2-OC12+3RU, 7707VB15-2-OC12+SC+3RU, 7800FR 3RU multiframe chassis, 7800PS AC power supply
    Force10 Networks: S25-01-GE-24P-1, S50-01-10GE-2P
    Harris: P32X32HSIE Panacea router
    Overture Networks: 5122-951A, 3000-055, 3000-056, 3000-057
    Scientific Atlanta: D133MJMJ000000060, D133MJMJ0000B0053 chassis
    Walker and Associates: 4212924L1
    Zephyrus: ZEP-HDVN-002 I/O panel

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