Understanding DTV Standards

Understand DTV Standards
A one-hour course written by Phil Cianci, Broadcast Engineer

Presents an overview of today's digital and broadcast standards and the organizations that create them. Broadcast operators, technicians and engineers will benefit from a thorough understanding of key standards and their developing organizations.

The course begins by reviewing standards developed by three broadcast and production technology organizations; ATSC, SMPTE and AES. It continues by examining related standards from related groups; IEEE, SCTE and CEA.

Upon completion, you will better understand the role standards play in today's broadcast and production systems, their compatibility and extensibility. This course has six lessons, each covering a different standards organization.

You will learn about:

  • Key definitions and terminology
  • ATSC-developed standards for DTV
  • SMPTE and AES standards for broadcast and production systems
  • Standards developed by the IEEE, SCTE and CEA
  • Emerging technologies and how standards are developed to embrace them
  • The importance of standards interoperability

Your Instructor:

Phil cianci is a veteran television engineer who has worked at Philips Research and ESPN. He is also Editor of Broadcast Engineering magazine's Transition to Digital newsletter and the Focal Press book, HDTV and the Transition to Digital Broadcasting.

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