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The modern woman

I admit to loving technology - most of the time, anyway. Computers, well, that's something else all together. But when it comes to new video, audio, TVs, games or phones, sign me up! I've been an early adopter since way back. I bought the first stereo Betamax model Sony ever made. I had one of the first Radio Shack TRS-80 computers. And cell phones? My first cell phone cost $500 and came with a calling plan of only 60 minutes a month. If it was new technology, I was there, baby.

Fortunately, being single allows me to buy any technology I can afford. I don't need anyone else's permission. And this is a bit of freedom I'm inclined to want to keep. However, there may be hope yet for we single, but independent, fellows.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) just released the results of a survey on women's interest in technology. The stereotype of women being focused on fashion and jewelry has just been shattered. Today's modern woman apparently loves her electronics about as much as we guys do.

In the CEA survey, 58 percent of women said that they would choose a high-definition television over a one-karat diamond ring, and 64 percent said they would choose a digital camera over half-karat diamond stud earrings.

The survey also showed that women's interest in other technology is also on the rise. Forty-two percent of women expressed interest in consumer electronics products, both established and new. And, when compared to men, women expressed a higher level of interest in both color TVs and digital cameras than did men.

Oh my God! Women choosing technology over jewelry? What's next? Will they want hammers and screwdrivers instead of perfume and lingerie? Will men be shopping for women's gifts at Best Buy and Home Depot instead of Victoria's Secret? It's just too much to contemplate!

Imagine overhearing this conversation at the local electronics store. He says, “But honey, this HD set is so expensive — it's $3000.” She says, “Yes, I know, but it's the 57-inch model. I was really hoping we'd buy the larger, 65-inch model. And don't forget, we want to replace that old stereo system. We'll need to match this new HD set with a complete new 5.1 channel audio system. The receiver's gotta have at least 500W/channel and, don't forget, the DVD player must have optical outputs. And, dear, it just makes no sense to buy all this new gear without replacing your old speakers with a complete new set of surround sound speakers.”

I'd die right there on the showroom floor.

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