the future of television

a look at the industry's next decade Uncertainty is as common a feature on the landscape of television broadcasting as are towers. If you think you have TV's next decade figured out, keep in mind that as little as three years ago, most would have predicted that the U.S. would be well along the path to DTV prevalence. That, obviously, hasn't happened, and those who predicted it have most likely simultaneously changed their tunes and covered their tracks.

Painting this industry with one brush is a mistake. Broadcasters are no longer monochromatic, they are a mixed palette of business plans, viewer bases, financial wherewithal and content provision capabilities. To render an accurate portrait of broadcasting 10 years on is impossible. Smaller studies of the disparate aspects of the industry are a surer bet, though even those require the input of experts who understand subtleties of those aspects.

We've brought together five such experts from varied walks of broadcast life. By giving us their perspectives on a few of the different elements of the broadcast landscape, they give us a better view of what broadcasting will be in 10 years.