Thales unveils several new DTV products at IBC2004

Thales Broadcast & Multimedia used the IBC2004 show in Amsterdam to showcase several new products in digital television
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Thales Broadcast & Multimedia showcased live demonstrations of several new products at IBC2004 in Amsterdam.

Some of the solutions and products the company unveiled included:

  • Mobile broadcasting solutions. By extension of its expertise in the DTV market, Thales presented a complete video-delivery solution based on the DVB-H standard for handheld services. Thales showcased its Affinity low-power UHF ATSC/DVB-T digital TV transmitter and Ultimate UHF solid-state digital transmitter.
  • Video and multimedia services over broadband networks. SmartVision TV, Thales’ broadband service platform demonstrated its ability to support MPEG-4 format videos.
  • Video store and forward platform. The video content delivery solution features equipment dedicated to the scheduled delivery of various content on IP or broadcast networks.
  • Content regionalization platform. Thales addressed Digital Program Insertion with a specific platform encompassing a scaleable solution to manage seamless splicing — the key for high-quality program insertion. The system also features Crystal, a tool dedicated to flexible SD/HD logo insertion in the compressed domain.

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