Telex/RTS unveil noise reduction headsets with mic

Telex/RTS' PH-100 and PH-200 headsets

Telex/RTS has introduced the PH-100 and PH-200 headsets. The medium-weight noise reduction headsets feature dynamic microphones.

Both have a noise attenuation of more than 21dB and are suitable for use in moderately noisy environments. All models feature a unique headband design that distributes ear cushion pressure evenly over the entire ear with no pressure points. The high-quality moleskin fabric covers the earpiece for enhanced comfort.

Both headsets are highly portable and easy to fold into a compact shape.

The headsets’ boom arms feature a sealed ball-and-socket joint and flexible boom for precise mic placement on any head size. The boom rotates overhead for mic placement on either side of the head. The mic cartridge features a dynamic element and the headset cord is shielded to protect against RFI and EMI.

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