TANDBERG Television and TVWorks demonstrate EBIF-compliant T-commerce application

At the recent Cable Show in Las Vegas, TANDBERG Television showcased a live T-commerce application ported to meet the open standards set by CableLabs for enhanced television programming (ETV). The company worked with TVWorks, a joint venture of Comcast and Cox Communications, to develop an open standards version of its currently deployed live interactive shopping application for the TV shopping network HSN.

The demonstration used the TVWorks ETV Platform that enables interactive TV applications to be developed and deployed using the CableLabs’ ETV Binary Interface Format (ETV-BIF) standard.

One of the largest commercially deployed T-commerce applications, HSN Shop by Remote is one of the first U.S. interactive TV applications that allows users to purchase items in sync with the on-air broadcast using the TV remote control. TANDBERG Television has enhanced the HSN application to operate on an ETV-BIF platform and adapted its CommerceGateway, which receives real-time product information from HSN, to be ETV-BIF-compliant.

For more information, visit www.tandbergtv.com and www.tvworks.com.