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Sports viewing spurs HDTV sales, says research

New research indicates that sports fans are driving the sale of high definition televisions with 50 percent of HDTV owners pointing to the ability to viewing sports programming in HD as a major factor in buying their new sets.

“Inside the Mind of the HD Sports Fan,” a new survey from the Consumer Electronics Association and the Sports Video Group, also found that nearly 60 percent of HDTVs are owned by people who consider themselves to be sports fans. Forty-five percent said they would consider another source of HD sports if superior to their current package.

Among the finding:

Favorite sports to watch in HD:

  • Super Bowl — 78 percent
  • World Series — 44 percent
  • College football bowl games — 41 percent

Affect on HD sports fans’ social patterns and viewing habits:

  • 37 percent frequently invite friends or family to their homes to watch HD sports;
  • 22 percent often watch sports events they otherwise wouldn’t have because it was high-definition;
  • 39 percent are extremely disappointed when a sports event they want to watch is not in high-definition;
  • 65 percent say sound is an important component of their sports viewing experience.

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