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Shure rolls out UHF-R wireless

Shure's new UHF-R wireless microphone system offers 2400 selectable frequencies across a 60MHz bandwidth and allows up to 40 preset compatible systems to be operated per band.

As many as 108 channels can be used over multiple bands. Complementing this expanded window of operation is Shure's Advanced Track Tuning Filtering Technology, which shifts onboard RF filtering within selected frequencies to maximize compatibility and maximize isolation from interference.

The UHF-R is outfitted with an advanced feature set including automatic frequency selection with group scan, infrared automatic transmitter sync and smart menu-driven system operation facilitating quick setup times and intuitive use.

The UHF-R uses Shure's Audio Reference Companding circuitry which relies upon a variable companding ratio that automatically responds to audio levels. Audio Reference Companding eliminates wireless artifacts and increases dynamic range.

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