Serbia national broadcaster adds deep archive to news operation

Serbian national broadcaster RTS has added an SGL FlashNet deep archive to meet the needs that have grown up around its Grass Valley digital news production system, which was installed in 2003.

Over the years, Grass Valley has continued to develop the RTS implementation and has now integrated an archive system from SGL. In 2003, RTS installed Grass Valley Profile video servers and an open SAN to support 30 NewsBrowse Edit stations, five NewsEdit stations and three NewsQ Pro craft editors.

The system was designed to be flexible and future-proof, and since then it has been extended to include additional browse resolution encoders and support for RTS’s choice of file-based acquisition format. The storage network has also been boosted with the addition of high-resilience server redundancy.

Drawing on the flexible architecture of the Grass Valley digital news production system, RTS called on Grass Valley’s professional services team, along with local distributor RTC, to provide the systems integration.

Systems architects from Grass Valley worked with RTS engineers to define, in advance, the precise workflow and data integration requirements. The solution was then reproduced to the satisfaction of RTS in factory tests, before being implemented on site. This system solution is also supported by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the ongoing year of operations.