SeaChange brings live TV to VOD

SeaChange’s enhanced Recording System 2.5 now enables television operators to offer broadcast programs with on-demand control even while they’re being aired.

Simultaneous content recording and on-demand access is the newest capability of the company’s recording solution for on-demand television. For example, SeaChange said, subscribers can begin watching the 11 p.m. local newscast at 11:01 p.m. with pause and rewind control.

Recording System 2.5 builds on the “record, then play” functionality of the previous version. The new software accelerates on-demand server I/O performance, ingesting hundreds of SD or HD channels simultaneously. It populates on-demand servers with broadcast programs within seconds of their on-air start and Electronic Program Guides immediately display the new on-demand assets.

SeaChange’s Recording System is a “set and forget” software extension of company’s Axiom IP video platform. It automates the entire recording process, from capturing the video content from SD and HD sources, to generating metadata from television schedule information (including TVG, TV Data and Nielsen) and securely propagating assets to servers and updating electronic program guides to reflect the changes in VOD line-ups. The Recording System adheres to strict business rules based on contracts with broadcasters, allowing operators to predetermine the lifecycle and usage of recorded content.

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