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Fujinon Cine Style Prime Lenses capture Mideast Panasonic Cinema Camera used in Tattered Angel

Fujinon Cine Style Prime Lenses capture Mideast

To shoot a high-definition 3D feature in Saudi Arabia, Paradise FX co-founder Max Penner used matching sets of Fujinon HDTV Cine Style Prime lenses affixed to two Sony HDW-F900 camcorders mounted on a Paracam dual-camera rig for ground shots and on a custom WesCam stabilized helicopter rig for aerial shots.

Paradise FX, which is shooting the feature for Saudi Aramco, a major oil company, tests high-definition cameras for future 3D IMAX production and develops technology for high-definition 3D movies.

Panasonic Cinema Camera used in “Tattered Angel”

Cincinnati-based production company Cincinnatus Motion Picture is using Panasonic Broadcast's AJ-HDC27V variable-frame HD cinema camera to shoot “Tattered Angel,” a feature-length theatrical movie.

The AJ-HDC27V allows digital cinematographers to capture 24-frame high-definition progressive scanned images and offers variable frame rates of 4- to 33-, 36-, 40-, and 60 fps, providing the capability to “overcrank” or “undercrank” the camera to achieve fast- or slow-motion effects.