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RIS chooses OverDrive Production Control System

The Ross Video OverDrive is a Windows-based production control system that extends the reach of a technical director.

Réseau Info-Sports (RIS), a new digital 24-hour sports headline news channel broadcasting to the French Canadian market, has selected the Ross Video OverDrive Production Control System to be used with a Synergy 2 digital production switcher.

RIS is sister station to RDS, a Bell Globemedia company which owns the rights to broadcast all major sporting events to the Quebec market. RIS broadcasts two headline, 30-minute loops in three blocks and runs 10 hours a day live with OverDrive, five day’s a week and 13 hours on weekends. OverDrive controls the DigiCart, two VDCP interfaces and the Yamaha audio mixer.

OverDrive is a Windows-based production control system used with live and NRCS-based productions, extending the reach of the technical director to include control of video servers, audio mixers and robotic cameras.

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