RGB Networks expands digital video processing platform

RGB Networks has enhanced its Broadcast Network Processor (BNP) through a software upgrade. The BNP platform now enables cable operators to efficiently localize and target advertisements and to seamlessly and automatically switch between programs based on pre-determined schedules. The network demonstrated the operating software that enables these applications at the ANGA Cable show.

The BNP's new digital overlay capability enables cable operators to overlay text, graphics and video directly onto their programming, enabling the customization of ads to make them more targeted to specific geographic areas. This capability is particularly relevant in countries with regulations restricting ad insertion, the traditional method for actually replacing a nationally broadcast ad with a specifically developed local ad. Cable operators can now overcome this by using the BNP's digital overlay technology to customize ads with locally relevant information, rather than actually replacing the ads. Digital overlay can also be used to brand programming via the addition of logos and to alert viewers to breaking news with the use of text crawls.

Complementing its new digital overlay capabilities, the BNP's new program substitution feature allows operators to seamlessly switch between programs on a single output channel, which is particularly important in meeting national programming content rules that often limit the amount of foreign programming. This capability is equally important for channels that play long-form infomercials or home shopping programs during the early morning hours, but need to switch to their regular programming for the remainder of the day. The BNP switches programs using its advanced, seamless program insertion feature ensuring frame accurate switching to avoid clipping of the programming, as well as switching programs on a pre-determined schedule.

Housed in a 1RU chassis, the BNP delivers the cable industry's highest density solution for digital video grooming, statistical multiplexing, transrating, digital program insertion (DPI) and digital overlay. With the ability to process more than 500 video streams, the BNP lowers the cost of delivering advanced digital video services, while creating new sources of revenue for operators. The application offers the scalability to support current and future network growth, while also providing the flexibility to sustain new applications such as switched digital video, targeted ad insertion and digital simulcast.

For more information, visit www.rgbnetworks.com.