Paramount uses SOPHOI for TV sales distribution

SOPHOI, a provider of enterprise intellectual property (IP) management software, announced that Paramount Pictures has selected SOPHOI's iPLS 3.0 integrated suite of IP management and licensing solutions for TV sales distribution and rights management.

Paramount Pictures is part of the entertainment operations of Viacom. It required an intellectual property management system that could efficiently deal with the intricacies and detailed requirements for TV distribution.

When fully deployed, iPLS will replace more than 40 legacy application, content repositories and databases at Paramount. The studio said the software will allow it to identify and organize television rights, locate and license the rights to assets, and streamline the overall process of intellectual property management and licensing.

SOPHOI's iPLS (Intellectual Property Licensing Suite) is an enterprise-wide business solution for intellectual property management and licensing. The system is modular and integrated, driving the most essential elements of the intellectual property value chain.

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