New ESPN media player gives online video fans a broader view of the action

Like other products in its stable, has gone 16:9 with the latest version of its high-quality Internet video delivery platform, ESPN Motion.

Launched in mid-May, ESPN Motion gives users the ability to display video in the standard full screen format (4:3 aspect ratio) as well as wide screen format (16:9 ratio).

One of the biggest changes users will or won’t notice is that most video clips now play without needing to download an application. Nearly all of the video highlights and original programming on make use of this new feature of ESPN Motion, although a limited number of video clips still require users to download the application., ESPN’s English-language soccer site, and, ESPN’s Spanish-language site, also have begun using ESPN Motion video content for the first time.

ESPN Motion was launched in 2003 to deliver highlights, news and analysis, original journalism and short-form original entertainment programming to users as an integrated part of the sports site.

The new version of ESPN Motion provides video with click-through interactivity, meaning video can be implemented that allows fans the option to interact with the content and advertising featured.

The new ESPN Motion player also features a navigation guide that can categorize content by sport or by distinct channels and allows advertisers to combine ad clips displayed in the video window with synchronous traditional online ad units displayed in the guide window. It gives users controls to display information about the current clip, including a brief description, total length and elapsed time.

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