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New Avid Unity ISIS relies on distributed-intelligence architecture

The Avid Unity ISIS media network design allows 16 individual storage blades within an Avid ISIS Engine single storage chassis.

Avid Technology has rolled out its next-generation shared-storage solution in the Avid Unity family: the Avid Unity ISIS media network.

The Avid Unity ISIS system introduces Infinitely Scalable Intelligent Storage (ISIS) that leverages a distributed-intelligence architecture.

This design enables 16 individual storage blades housed within an Avid ISIS Engine single storage chassis to process media while simultaneously sharing data and balancing the workflow among groups of connected storage drives.

The system is equipped with 64TB of storage per system, and has the ability to link multiple Avid ISIS Engines. It also provides for connectivity of up to 100 clients working in real-time over standard Gigabit Ethernet, native compatibility with Ethernet switching technologies, and the ability to hot-swap any storage component.

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