MSBN reaches 2000 live game milestone

Interactive sports webcaster MSBN has achieved a milestone in its quest to offer an extensive lineup of live and archived sporting events when it surpassed 2000 live games that have been broadcast online.

The large sports Internet broadcasting network features a range of university, high school and professional sporting events live on any computer or device with an Internet connection. Subscribers can view live games or events via high-quality streaming media broadcasts and simulcasts.

Content providers for MSBN include several NCAA Division I universities. The webcaster delivers live game coverage of football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball and other games through its IPTV platform.

It also offers unique interactivity that lets viewers connect with each other via chat rooms and forums, view real-time statistics and tickers, answer polls and surveys, enter contests and purchase merchandise.

Continental Vista delivers MSBN’s webcasts via the Internet. The company provides interactive Internet broadcasting services for other vertical niche markets, including religion, politics and entertainment.

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