Major U.S. station turns to new data warehousing solution for increased efficiency

The sales department of a major U.S. station group is planning to upgrade its data warehouse based on a business intelligence system that can make centrally, precise and reconciled data from all stations available daily to sales management professionals. The station’s salespeople will be able to monitor the ongoing effectiveness of the multi-station agency campaigns analyzed by ISCI material codes and dayparts.

To accomplish these goals, the company is using BIAnalytix from Decentrix, which is built on an SQL Server 2005, with analysis provided by portal-based Excel pivot technologies, as well as predefined media-focused templates that are designed for in-house management and enhancement. This allows the evolving system to be a customized, ongoing strategic corporate tool. BIAnalytix also has advanced templates available to combine data from linear broadcast and Web-based campaigns as a unified analysis.

Media companies are in need of tools that can harness the large amounts of data they accumulate from their daily operation — including sales, inventory, financial and customer data. Companies that can make that information readily available to the executives, managers, staff, ad agencies and advertisers who need it to support the business decision process can effectively streamline operations.

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