Loving The Variety: Sharpshooters - Eva Testor

Name: Eva Testor.

Age: 44.

Family: Married to Oliver, daughter Alina, stepdaughter Zoa. We are a happy patchwork family.

Star sign: Virgo.

"Day and Night" in TyrolHometown: In the Tyrol, the beautiful mountain area of Austria.

Current location: I live in Vienna with my family.

Languages: I speak German and English.

Occupation: I am a DOP, producer, writer.

In the years between 1994-2001, I studied camera and technique in the moving image studies conducted by Professor Christian Berger at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. I achieved a Degree in Master of Art.

What is your setup now?
Since 2003 I have been a CEO and Producer with Mobilefilm Produktion, together with Nina Kusturica.

Current assignments:
My credits include Oh Yeah, She Performs! Director Mirjam Unger. This is a documentary for the cinema. Currently shooting Men's Lust for TV: Director Gabi Schweiger.

In 2012 I expect to be shooting Art Toys, another documentary for the cinema: Director Sandra Gigerl. Also preparing to shoot a TV documentary about the Oscar nominated DOP Christian Berger; this will be shot in 2012.

Have you been busy?
Yes. I think I'm lucky. I am busy and I love what I am doing.

Shooting where?
I have been shooting in Italy, France, USA, Germany, Japan, Croatia, Bosnia, Greece, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania and, of course, Austria.

What types of productions do you currently shoot?
I am currently shooting a documentary for the cinema Oh Yeah, She Performs! This is a film that follows five 20- to 30-year-old modern-day stars from Austria as they attempt to conquer the indie pop scene.

What was your first ever shooting job?
One of my first shoots was a second unit job with Ulrich Seidl for the movie Dog Days on Super 16mm. It was very exciting and strange because he didn't talk!

Most recent, interesting assignments?
In July we were shooting in Tokyo for Art Toys, a movie about artists that build Kaju monsters. A fascinating world I didn't know of before; and of course sometimes we were lost in translation.

Do you find shooting on a TV series like Medicopter challenging?
Medicopter is a German/Austrian TV series, featuring two teams of rescue workers that carry out the evacuation of wounded by helicopter. Each team has a pilot, an emergency physician and a nurse-anaesthetist.

I am usually not asked to shoot a job like this. But I'm open for (almost) every challenge, because I'm curious about new things, different ways of storytelling, and technical possibilities.

Current camera equipment you use?
At the moment I'm shooting with the Sony PMW EX3, PMW 500P and Aaton S16mm film camera.

Do you expect to be shooting with film in two years time?
No, not really. Times are changing that's it, but I'll miss that good old film material and its smell. I also like to mix materials, if the story allows it or needs it; like in the movie I'm shooting right now.

Other gear you have access to?
I like to shoot documentaries with a single stand tripod, it keeps me flexible. And I use CRLS (Cine Reflect Lighting System), a new lighting system. In a way, it's like playing pool!

Very cold studio in Vienna with director Sabine Derflinger, "Day and Night"What useful piece of gear do you wish someone might make?
I would like gear that allows me to fly.

Best thing about your job?
I love to work with people who have visions. I love to travel, see places and meet people. I love to dive into themes and find the right pictures and moods. I love the variety of jobs and themes, cultures and people I meet.

Worst thing about your job?
Sometimes it's difficult to handle my family, but the kids are growing up and it's getting easier.

Dullest assignments and why?
One of my first jobs as a DOP was for an Austrian TV station, shooting a promo video. We were three women (woman soundie, a woman from the TV station and me) dressed as nurses. We drove through the country and rang at different doorbells and had to ask people if they had set the channel correctly. I had to wear a pushup bra, high heels and a nurse's uniform! This was just silly.

Hairiest/scariest assignment and why?
Once we were shooting Little Alien, a feature documentary about teenagers who fled from crisis regions and undertook an extremely dangerous journey to Europe, all alone, hoping for one thing: to live. After arriving there, they fought to live normal lives, struggling against a system that demanded they sacrifice their youth to an uncertain future.

I was second unit camera, shooting in Greece; also in the Ukraine. It was so sad to see the difficult lives of these children and young people, and the political failure of the European Union.

How much 16:9 do you shoot?
I always shoot on 16:9 ratio.

What country do you most like to shoot in?
France, they have the best catering.

What’s your taste in music?
Classical, opera, jazz, indie pop.

Favourite food?
I am a vegetarian. My husband cooks the best veggie-curry.

Contact details:
E: eva.testor@mobilefilm.at
W: www.mobilefilm.at