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Leitch brings new HD/SD portfolio to IBC2005

Leitch Technology will announce several new HD products at IBC2005.

Integrating Velocity editing software with its NEXIO server line has resulted in two new news editing systems: VelocityNX an HD/SD craft editor for NEXIO environments and VelocityXNG, a field editor designed for use as a remote, portable news desk. Also to be displayed is Platinum, a large-format HD router.

The NEO XHD series of modular HDTV conversion products, conversion-quality, protection switching capability, standard close captioning transcoding and optional onboard AES audio will make its debut.

Master control, channel branding, channel presentation applications and associated graphics product introductions will include iCONMASTER a modular master control and channel release system; iCONLOGOMOTION a modular branding solution with crawls; EAS, audio, software GUI and other features for channel branding; and iCONSTATION a graphics and channel branding creation and playout system.

Local and remote monitoring and control of Leitch and third-party equipment product introductions will include SQM-STM and SQM-STM-SD/SDI streaming and signal quality measurement applications; SNMP support across all core Leitch product lines; and network monitoring and control of Leitch and third-party equipment using Navigator software and SNMP.

The Videotek TVM-950HDP, with simultaneous waveform views in an integrated XGA display and the VTM series of on-screen composite monitoring devices will be shown.

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