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KSBH-TV meteorologist cuts through storm to show location of tornadoes

The mid-March tornadoes in the Midwest gave KSHB-TV in Kansas City, MO, the opportunity to put its ESP:LIVE with 3D X-Vision to use to inform viewers of the killer storm as it swept through the area.

The storm, which spawned as many as 116 preliminary reports of tornadoes March 12, killed 10 people as it moved across Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

The station used the 3D X-Vision tool to slice through the storms and determine the precise location of the actual tornadoes. According to KSHB meteorologist, Gary Lezak, the station received “great feedback” from viewers via e-mail and its online weather blog site about the coverage.

Weather Central’s ESP: LIVE provides television stations with a combination of tools to track storms and deliver useful information to viewers. Exclusive to ESP:LIVE, 3D X-Vision, Storm Vitals and TelePATH provide a comprehensive set of storm analysis and prediction tools giving on-camera meteorologists the ability to alert, forecast, and report every kind of severe weather threat.

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