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Itaas launches VOD session simulator

Itaas, a provider of VOD products, has announced its VOD Session Simulator, a device that gives VOD service providers a simulated pre-deployment environment for testing and troubleshooting.

Billed by the company as the first commercially available product of its kind, Itaas’ VOD Session Simulator allows operators to identify and fix potential problems and bottlenecks in a VOD system before it’s deployed to customers.

The system is capable of simulating the live environment of hundreds of thousands of set-top boxes posing as Digital Storage Media-Command and Control (DSM-CC) clients to the Digital Control System/Session Manager. The simulator can set up and tear down multiple interactive sessions. Broadband operators can use it to help determine the capacity load for their VOD systems.

The simulator gives the operator the flexibility to choose which function to test. The tool has multiple configurable parameters, which can be set depending on the operator’s unique needs.

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