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IBC2005 to emphasize HDTV, emerging technologies

Universities and research labs will once again have an opportunity to show off the latest advances in broadcast, video, audio and other related technologies at IBC2005 in Amsterdam. The IBC New Technology Campus will include exhibits such as:

  • TV for Everyone — Organized by BBC R&D, RNIB, RNID and the a-TV Project from Bournemouth University UK. The exhibit presents steps that can make digital television accessible to everyone.
  • Metadata-based Broadcasting and Communications Convergence System, NTT — The system uses bi-directional, high-speed IP to enable VOD and server broadcasting services.
  • Gridcast Project — Presented by Queen’s University in Belfast and BBC Northern Ireland.

HDTV will take center stage at the show with the theme for Friday, Sept. 9 focusing on HDTV’s past, present and future. Sessions, keynotes and panels will explore the unfolding saga of HDTV, which is in its third decade after taking shape as an analog system in Japan, a multiplexed analog component approach in Europe, and most recently as a digital system in Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States.

IBC2005 will focus on HDTV, providing industry experts in various disciplines, including display and business as well as production and post-production, digital 5.1 surround sound production, transmission, and a forum to explore HD developments in depth.

IBC is offering a digital reference guide that’s accessible through many PDAs to provide attendees with the latest exhibitor information, floor plans and conference schedules. To use the digital reference guide, go to AvantGo’s site,, and download the company’s free interactive software. Follow the instructions on the Web site. The IBC2005 channel will be added to the computer and handheld device.

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