HDTV: Making the Transition seminar

HDTV: Making the Transition, a traveling seminar presented by Linear Acoustic, Miranda and Omneon, focuses on the factors driving the transition to HDTV, as well as the technologies underlying this shift within the global broadcast industry.

Each seminar will address the fundamental elements of working in HD, examine the key systems building blocks for HD broadcast infrastructures and include case studies highlighting leading broadcasters' experiences in making the shift to HDTV.

During the seminar, engineers from the three companies will take an in-depth look at the drivers for HD from consumers and broadcasters; review the fundamentals of video and audio formats for HDTV; explore distribution, routing, conversion, editing, servers and master control systems; and then turn the discussion toward practical implementation of HDTV and its realities.

The first seminar was held on Feb. 28 in New York City. Other dates include: May 23 in Los Angeles, June 27 in Washington, D.C., Sept. 26 in Chicago, Oct. 24 in San Francisco, Oct 26 in Seattle and Nov. 28 in Miami.

For more information visit www.hdseminar.com.

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