Google Video opens new distribution avenue

Google has launched Google Video, a service that will allow users to search for video content such as news, sports and weather. It will provide local stations and broadcast and cable networks with a new alternative for video news distribution.

Google Video lets users search an index of televised content and video material.

Currently about 20 TV stations are distributing content via Google Video, as well as CNN, FOX News and C-SPAN.

Google Video will accept video clips that are free to site visitors as well as clips with a price tag. However, Google said free clips should be available immediately after going through an internal approval and verification process. Those requiring payment may take longer.

The process of posting content to Google Video includes uploading video material, supplying information like the video’s title and a description, and going through a compliance review. Google will supply a status tracker for those uploading video content so they can follow the clip as it goes through the process.

Video submitters must own the rights to the content they upload. They must also upload material electronically.

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