Front Porch Digital expands complete broadcast archive infrastructure solution with Sun Microsystems

Front Porch Digital, the Media and Broadcast Division of Incentra Solutions has announced an expansion of its collaboration with Sun Microsystems. The two companies will offer bundled solutions featuring the next generation of Front Porch Digital’s DIVArchive archive management application integrated with new high-performance server, tape library, and disk technologies from Sun.

In support of this initiative, Front Porch Digital has certified DIVArchive support for the Sun Solaris 10 operating system on AMD Opteron and Sun ULTRASPARC processor-powered Sun Fire servers. Global broadcasters can now maximize the bandwidth throughput of data movement through the DIVArchive system within their broadcast operations.

Front Porch has also fully qualified DIVArchive integration with the new Sun StorageTek T10000 enterprise tape drive, extending the performance delivered via StorageTek’s earlier T-Series drives. Delivering a native tape-drive throughput rate of 120 MBps, capacity of up to 500 gigabytes uncompressed or a terabyte of compressed data on a single cartridge, and Fibre Channel and FICON dual-port connectivity, the T10000 delivers a 250 percent increase in density and 400 percent increase in throughput speeds over the earlier StorageTek T9940B drive.

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