NAB 2003New Products Part 2

Grass Valley (SU7059):
Grass Valley will be showing the NewsEdit SC, which is based on its NewsEdit nonlinear editor. It combines cuts-only edit bay capabilities, traditional A/B Roll Suite transition functions, and storage and network connectivity options. It supports DV25 media, offers tight DV camcorder integration, and features up to four channels of audio, internal storage, and a variety of networking options.

In addition to the NewsEdit SC, GV will be introducing new enhancements to expand the capabilities of the NewsEdit and NewsQ systems.

Laird Telemedia (SL113):
Lairds new enhanced version of its LTM-ER2 two-source editing router is now shipping. With improved bandwidth, built-in VTR dubbing, and a completely modular design, the redesigned LTM-ER2 provides editors with an even more reliable and efficient solution for switching multiple source devices into NLE systems. The LTM-ER2 offers editors a cost-effective, user-friendly alternative to costly patch bays or more expensive, high-density multi-format routers.

Leitch Post Production (SU4525):

In its professional post production product line, Leitch will be featuring a new update to its dpsVelocityQ multistream nonlinear editing system. dpsVelocityQ features include realtime, full-quality playback of four video streams (in any combination of uncompressed or compressed video), six graphics streams, and four channels of realtime 3D DVE. New highlights in dpsVelocityQ 8.2 include a new interface style, more than 100 editing refinements, enhanced integration with Leitch VR servers, and support of new options for advanced professional audio tools and OMF/AAF interoperability. Also on display will be the new version 8.2 of the dpsVelocity dual-stream nonlinear editing system, including many of the same enhancements.

Panasonic (C904):
Panasonic will unveil the AJ-DE10, a ruggedized laptop computer-based news editing system, at NAB2003. It comprises a specially configured Panasonic TOUGHBOOK laptop computer with news editing software developed from the newsBYTE news NLE system. The AJ-DE10 will also include a title generator, an easy-to-use GUI, and IEEE-1394 connectivity.
Panasonic will also introduce the AJ-DX225, a 2X player/recorder ideally suited for high-speed IEEE-1394-based computer editing, dubbing, and archiving applications.

Pinnacle Systems (SU5003):
Pinnacle Systems will introduce Liquid Chrome, a new turnkey video editing and compositing solution, which includes the TitleDeko CG. Intended for the post-production market, it features MPEG-2, 4:2:2, uncompressed, and DV25 codecs, extensive realtime 3D DVE capability, four realtime video streams, unlimited layering, and Pinnacle Liquids InTime processing.
Additionally, the company will introduce Liquid Purple version 5, a DV editing and effects solution delivering realtime 2D and 3D effects, background processing, analog video output, integrated DVD authoring, and Palladium networked media support.

Encoders & Converters
Adtec Digital (SL3878):
Adtec will be showing its edje-2000 contribution quality MPEG-2 encoder for the first time at NAB. At 4 x 7 inches, the edje-2000 consumes less than 12W of power while delivering high-quality pictures at low bit rates and supports both DVB-ASI and IP platforms concurrently.

AJA Video (SL536):
AJA Video will be showing the new HD10C2 dual-rate HD/SD miniature D/A converter, the RH10MD HD-SDI DA/downconverter card, the HD10MD2 miniature downconverter, and the Kona HD video capture and playback card for Mac OS X.

The HD10C2 is AJAs second generation HD converter. It is dual rate and works with HD or SD inputs. The RH10MD HD-SDI downconverter and DA has an HD-SDI input, four re-clocked HD-SDI outputs, and four 10-bit broadcast quality downconverted SD outputs.

The HD10MD2 HD-SDI miniature downconverter has an HD-SDI input, SDI output, and three SD analog outputs. The analog outputs can be configured as component or composite. It features full 10-bit broadcast quality downconversion.

Kona-HD allows Mac users to capture and edit professional-quality 10-bit, uncompressed high definition video using QuickTime-compatible programs such as Final Cut Pro at an affordable price point. It supports most HDTV formats, including 1080i50/59.94/60.

Doremi Labs (C879):

Doremi Labs will introduce the ORCA, an MPEG-2 HD encoder. It provides high-bit-rate video compression, HD video support, and extensive encoding controls. In addition to its realtime MPEG-2 encoding of HD video up to 200Mbps, ORCA provides users with a wide choice of encoding parameters, such as GOP structure, 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 encoding profiles, and compression bit rate. MPEG-2 files generated by the ORCA encoder can be used for network transmission, digital cinema, and playback from low-cost MPEG-2 players. It is particularly useful for high definition encoding of concerts, sports, and other live events.

Ensemble Designs (SU5258):
Ensemble Designs will be launching its new BrightEye optical and electrical video conversion product line. The first in the series, BrightEye 1, is the companys analog-to-serial-digital optical and electrical converter. It will accept composite, Y/C (s-video), SMPTE, Beta format, RGB, and SDI as video inputs in PAL/NTSC (525/625). The output is simultaneously available in both electrical and optical forms. Also being introduced will be the BrightEyes 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, and 12. The BrightEye product line will include several different varietiesSDI/electrical and optical input to analog conversion. Most BrightEye products will include internal time base correctors and frame synchronizers with 16 BrightEyes fitting in a 3RU mounting frame.

Additionally, for the Avenue signal integration line, Ensemble Designs will be showcasing a new digital logo inserter, a digital proc amp with a digital noise reducer, HD conversion, distribution and test signal generation, and a DVB/ASI distribution, router, and protection switch.

Evertz (C3412):
Evertz will be showing two new codecs, the 7770DS-HD and the 7770CS-HD. The 7770DS-HD is an HD decompression codec that converts a 270Mbps SDTI (SMPTE 305M) input signal containing HDCAM compressed data with embedded AES audio into a SMPTE 292M (1.485Gbps) component serial digital stream with embedded or separate AES audio. Two additional stereo analog audio channels are also available for local monitoring. The 7770CS-HD HDTV compression codec encodes one SMPTE 292M (1.485Gbps) serial digital video signal with up to four stereo AES channels of embedded or separate audio, into one 270Mbps SDTI-compliant output stream. Both HD codecs support 1080i/59.94, 1080p/29.97sF, 1080p/23.97sF, and 1035i/59.94 field rates.

Laird Telemedia (SL113):
Laird will be launching its LTM-6000 Media Converter, an A-to-D/D-to-A with built-in RS-422 machine control (via a 9-pin Dsub connector), dual-signal analog outputs in all formats, external genlock, blackburst output, and selectable setup.

Leitch (SU4525):
Leitch will display its NEO platform, which will feature a broader range of interface and conversion products and a new suite of HDTV products. The company will showcase its new range of NEO Simplicity products, which provide integration of core audio and video functionality within a single module and have been designed to address typical signal ingest requirements for broadcasters. Twelve broadcast signals can be accommodated (conversion, timing, processing, and multiplexing) within a 3RU frame. NEO Combo Products internally track audio and video timing between different modules and expand the number of associated audio channels when combined with Simplicity modules.

The NEO Aspect Ratio Converter will support DTV transition requirements by generating both the 16:9 aspect ratio of DTV transmissions, as well as any other user-selectable aspect ratios.
New HDTV timing, branding, and conversion products will also be introduced at NAB2003.

Miranda Technologies (C2826):
Miranda Technologies will be showing the new DVC-800, new fiber optic conversion products, and new picoLink miniature converters. The DVC-800 is a camera-mounted downconverter and DV encoder that simplifies on-set HDTV acquisition monitoring, rough-cut DV editing, and the preparation of dailies. The interface operates with Sony HDCAM and Panasonic AJ-HDC27A cameras and mounts between the camera and its battery. It provides HD-SDI, SDI, and composite outputs, as well as an IEEE-1394 interface with DV-encoded video and audio for direct interfacing with DV disk drives or laptop-based editing systems.

Mirandas range of fiber-based video distribution interfaces has been extended with new modules for the Densité series, as well as new HD/SD fiber optic conversion units for the picoLink series of miniature standalone interfaces. The picoLink series has also been extended significantly with a test generator, new audio and video D-to-A combinations, and a new HD-SDI-to-DVI-and-VGA converter supporting interlaced and 24p progressive formats.

Snell & Wilcox (C2860):
Snell & Wilcox will be introducing a variety of HD-related items, including DEFTplus, which addresses SD/HD program integration and 3:2 pulldown issues through an upgrade to high-end Alchemist standards converter models.

S&W will also introduce a high-end MPEG mastering and re-purposing system that enables content owners to generate maximum value from their audio-visual material. Designed for file-based content creation, storage, quality control and re-purposing, the system includes the companys Ingest Station mastering encoder, Mosalina quality control software, and a Smart File transcoder.

Also shown will be Ukon, a universal format conversion platform designed for use in broadcast, post and production environments where pictures need to be converted in all directions between SD and HD environments, and where different frame rates, images sizes and aspect ratios present an additional quality challenge.

For broadcasters (and everyone else on a tight budget), S&W will show UpCaster, a compact solution for broadcasters and teleproduction facilities that need upconversion to HD at an affordable price.

Teranex (C462):

Teranex will be introducing its Volare 210 upconverter, expected to ship in Q3 2003. Volare 210 is 2RU in size and combines advanced noise reduction, 3:2 dedection and scene change detection with Teranexs PixelMotion and array processing in an upconverter that bundles analog and digital interfaces and hot-swappable power supplies.

16x9 (for Carl Zeiss) (C3150):
16x9, which serves as the exclusive North American distributor of Carl Zeiss lenses for digital video production, will show the Zeiss DigiPrime product line, which includes 5mm (T1.9), 7mm (T1.6), 10mm (T1.6), 14mm (T1.6), 20mm (T1.6), and 40mm (T1.6) lenses. To complement its lenses, Carl Zeiss has developed a new optical focusing device, Smart Max, which enables a shooter to accurately focus the background of a scene, which is often problematic when shooting with HD video cameras.

Canon (C2040):

Canon will have its first NAB showing of the first ever broadcast 100X lens, the DIGI SUPER 100xs. The DIGI SUPER 100xs, or XJ100x9.3B IE-D, incorporates the companys Image Stabilizer technology. It includes a speed of F/1.7, and a weight of 50.18 pounds, which is the same weight and size as the XJ86xs. The M.O.D. from lens front is 3.0m. The DIGI SUPER 100xs also features Canons xs technology for better specs and lighter weight, courtesy of the exclusive X-element and Power Optical System. All DIGI SUPER lenses incorporate Canons second-generation Digital Servo System, which delivers improved operational ease through features such as the CAFS (Constant Angle Focusing System), speed preset, shuttle shot and framing preset, digital zoom demand, digital focus demand, and endless digital focus demand.

Fujinon (SU5710):

Recently released lenses, including the HA13x4.5BERM/BERD and HA22x7.8BERM/BERD high definition ENG lenses, HA26x6.7 high definition studio lens, and HDTV Cine-Style lenses, will be on display in the Fujinon booth this year.

The HA13x4.5BERM/BERD is a 2/3-inch format wide-angle lens (4.5mm with a 93.6-degree horizontal field of view). The BERM version has a 2X extender and manual focus servo zoom; while the BERD version also features a 2X extender, servo focus, and servo zoom.

The HA22x7.8BERM/ BERD is a telephoto lens with a 2x extender, a reduced size and weight (1.78kg), improved F number (F1.8), maximum relative aperture of F1.8 (from 7.8-122mm), and reduced MOD (0.8m).

The HA26X6.7ESM high definition studio lens has an focal length range of 6.7mm to 175mm or 13.4mm to 350 mm with a 2X extender and a field of view of 71.37 degree horizontal range of view in 16:9. This lens provides camera operators with the capability to shoot a wide-angle view from a minimum object distance of 0.6mm. The HD lens also features a 26X zoom ratio and a maximum relative aperture of F1.5.

Thales Angenieux (C2425):
Thales Angenieux will show its new 26X High Resolution (HR) Series Telephoto Zoom Lens, designed for broadcast field production applications. It features a focal range of 7.8mm to 203mm, and 15.6mm to 406mm with a 2X extender. Digital performance features include a wide variety of zoom modes and focus servo controls; iris priority to minimize ramping; an anti-breathing mode to maintain a constant field of view when focusing; Angenieuxs patented Assisted Internal Focus mechanism; an RS232 serial interface for digital remote control; and auto-cruise to zoom at a consistent speed.

Also shown will be a totally redesigned line of studio and OB/Sports box-style lenses, including the addition of a 70X HD OB/Sports lens, as well as the addition of a unique Advanced Display System (ADS) to easily monitor lens settings and adjust digital features. The 70X HD delivers a focal range of 9.5 to 665mm (22 to 1330 with a 2X extender), and an aperture of f/2.2. A total of six lenses are included in the new studio and OB/Sports lens line.

Master Control
Evertz (C3412):
Evertz will have on display its new PKGHD9625SW mini master control switcher. It includes all the functionality found in the companys X Series Router, combined with the advanced logo inserter and downstream keyer. The complete system allows users to fully control up to 12 input video signals and up to 48 AES audio inputs. Users can perform voice-overs, wipes, fades, fade to black and a host of other features from the single remote control panel.

Eyeheight (SU6632):
Eyeheight will be exhibiting the presTX fully integrated modular master control system with several new features, including user-configurable system software, squeeze-and-tease digital video effects, embedded/AES audio lead/lag (manual or automated), command stacking, a touchscreen controller, and 1080-line HD compatibility.

Miranda Technologies (C2826):
Miranda will display a new HD/SD version of its "Master Control Glass Cockpit," meant to simplify the control and monitoring of multiple transmission channels. The system is based on an HD/SD version of the Kaleido-K2 multi-image display processor; an enhanced version of the Presmaster 2 multichannel master control switcher; and the iControl Web audio, video, and infrastructure monitoring system.

NVISION (C2650):
NVISION will be showcasing the new NV5128-MC master control/routing switcher, a fully integrated master control switcher and multiformat router with 128 system inputsdigital, analog, or mixed. The system supports up to four independent channels and provides mixing, keying, and voice-overs. It also features built-in squeezeback and logo store and up to 96 router buses.

Quartz (SU6435):
Quartz will be launching a new QMC-5S control panel at NAB2003. It is designed to fill the need for a more traditional style of QMC control panel, offering a familiar layout combined with Quartzs advanced panel technology. The QMC-5S is a full-function master control panel, assignable to any one channel or an entire bank of channels to be controlled simultaneously. The FS control panel provides an extra row of utility buttons, a lever arm, rotary shaft encoders and dynamic button and function assignments, plus extended program and preview rows.
Quartz is also introducing a DVE option for the QMC master control switcher. It is dual channel, offering additional power and flexibility, and provides live and dynamic visual effects, such as picture sizing and positioning.