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Asset Management

Chyron/Pro-Bel (C2074):
Pro-Bel’s MAPP Asset Management, the software suite that automatically manages content in the transmission environment, has been extended to support distributed broadcast models such as centralcasting, where media and metadata can be transferred between multiple MAPP systems and third-party management products. The suite also has extensive new features for further automating the handling of media, including automatic quality checking of material during acquisition.

Masstech (SU5307):
Masstech will showcase a host of new asset management/control products. Its new MassMedia Box is a single, expandable platform for end-to-end content management, including ingest of satellite and terrestrial deliveries, content transcoding, and preparation for play-to-air through native integration with popular automation systems. MassMedia can also generate low-resolution proxy versions of MPEG-2 files for content management and for preparation across low-bandwidth IP networks.

Also debuting is Masstech’s new MassBrowser, which can be used with Windows and allows low-resolution proxies generated by MassProxy to be viewed as frame-accurate representations with timecode. Additionally, the new MassLogger is a VCR replacement for off-air logging and confidence recording applications. It uses industry standard MPEG-4 encoding and playback and features single or multichannel networked solutions.


AMS Neve (N3038):
AMS Neve will be showcasing its Libra Live digital broadcast console with several new features. The Libra Live now features XSP DSP processing, a new channel module option with a 30mm fader pitch, and a new console frame. Additionally, new software featuring Audio Follow Tally will also be demonstrated.

Sennheiser (N2103):
Sennheiser will introduce its new MKH 418S compact M-S stereo shotgun microphone at NAB2003. Based on the MKH 416, it pairs the company’s RF condenser microphone technology with a dual-capsule M-S stereo design. The MKH 418S provides directional information and incorporates a mid capsule from the MKH 416 combined with a newly designed figure-of-eight side capsule system. The independent capsule outputs support variable matrixing capabilities and multifunctional use in post production.

Sigma Electronics (SU4664):
Sigma Electronics is unveiling its OctaStream family of AES digital audio signal management products at NAB2003. Designed to cost-effectively address eight-channel audio and the integration of AES and multichannel digital audio into a DTV stream, the OctaStream family is engineered to provide unique solutions to the timing, mixing, and synchronizing challenges inherent in the delivery of digital audio. The line consists of the DA5320 mixer and subframe router, the DA5315 variable delay compensator, the DA5325 sample rate converter, and the SG5605 audio reference generator.

The series is designed for Sigma’s new S5000 signal management frame, which allows full, unrestricted access to all modules, and is also capable of hot-swapping of all modules and power supplies. The high-density frame holds up to 10 modules, each with 10 connectors, and allows module status indicators to be fully viewable when the door is installed for ease of maintenance and error diagnosis.

Sound Devices (N2045):
Sound Devices will introduce the 302 compact production mixer. Developed specifically for field production audio applications, the 302 features large, 40-segment, sunlight-viewable output level meters, channel-selectable microphone powering (48/12V phantom and T-power), three high-quality microphone inputs with Lundahl input transformers, input limiters, and software-selectable output limiters, and headphone monitoring, including PFLs and MS stereo matrix. A channel 4/5 input option expands the number of inputs. The 302 is powered by three internal AA batteries or from external DC sources.

Solid State Logic (N2512):

Solid State Logic (SSL) will be showing its new digital broadcast console, the C100. Designed specifically for on-air studio applications, it features the company’s Centuri processing technology, which offers fault tolerance, self-healing DSP, hot-swappable components, rapid boot times, and remote diagnostics. Another feature, “Control Linking,” enables a range of configuration functions to be linked to a specific input or output. Channels may be defined as mono, stereo, or 5.1, with single fader control, and the layout of sources on the console may be altered quickly while on air to cope with unexpected changes in production requirements.

Automation Systems

CRISPIN will unveil five new solutions for broadcast automation. System 3000 is a full-automation on-air playback solution featuring Ethernet control of most servers, extended device controls, and multichannel playback capabilities.

NewsPlayX, a live news automation system that works in conjunction with most news automation systems, including Avid’s iNews, AvStar, and a MOS interface with AP’s ENPS, will be introduced.

Another new product, ClipCopX, an updated version of ClipCop, provides clip transfer between fibre channel or other high-speed, network-connected servers.

Florical Systems (SU5425):

Harris (C404):
Harris will introduce a new suite of automation tools at NAB that builds on its current product offerings. The Harris Resource Suite is designed around four modules to produce an evolution in workflow management covering ingest to presentation. The first two modules, the Broadcast Presentation Manager and the Media Mover, will premiere at NAB and are scheduled to be in beta shortly after, with full versions shipping in two months. Next year, two more modules, Asset Manager and Production Live, will be released.

The Harris Resource Suite exploits metadata while decreasing human intervention and errors with automated prompts and cues, thus improving reliability and quality. The Media Mover module provides APIs for integration with traffic systems and allows media to be viewed on any workstation connected to the network.

OmniBus Systems (C2670):
OmniBus Systems will unveil TX>Play, an entry level playout automation system designed for the multichannel content delivery operations of mainstream broadcasters. TX>Play enables broadcasters to take a modular, flexible approach to transmission automation while addressing the needs of the converging analog and digital television markets. It provides an end-to-end managed solution; from ingest, through media and schedule management, to schedule delivery and integration with business information systems.

OmniBus Systems will also launch the HeadLine Media Editor Series, a new family of timeline-based desktop editors. The series comprises three products, each sharing a common user interface and core functionality and all designed with the focus on the journalist as the user. The Edit 1000 works with browse resolution media as part of an OmniBus newsroom solution. The Edit 2000 works with pre-recorded content, including broadcast resolution, with additional audio crafting features. The Edit 3000 is designed for journalists in the field. It adds a DV capture card to make it completely self contained. Simple video effects are included to help produce crafted news packages.


Evertz (C3412):

Evertz will be showcasing its newly released 7705IF Series IF transmitter/receiver modules, which are used for conveying 70/140Mhz I/F satellite signals over fiber optic cable. There are three modules in the series. The 7705IFB can be configured as either an IF transmitter or IF receiver by changing a jumper position. As an IF transmitter, the 7705IFB accepts one BNC 70/140MHz input and provides one fiber optic output at 1310nm. The 7705IFT IF transmitter and 7705IFR IF receiver modules operate in one direction only and are designed to be used as a pair. These modules are lower in cost and designed for longer distances. The 7705IF modules each occupy one card slot and can be housed in either a 1RU frame, which will hold up to three modules, or a 3RU frame, which will hold up to 15 modules.

Triveni Digital (SU5475):
Triveni Digital will be introducing several new products, including the new version of its SkyScraper DTV datacasting system. The platform for managing data to be broadcast through the digital television infrastructure includes new features for receiver targeting, encryption, and support for multistation networks. Additionally, Triveni Digital will be demonstrating GuideBuilder 3.0 with new enhancements. Enhancements include support of the Broadcast Flag, centralcasting, and distributed control through user interfaces. Also on display will be the company’s new StreamBridge AG metadata ad data translation system for digital cable headend systems. The system bridges off-air terrestrial DTV broadcast streams into digital cable headend systems. Finally, Triveni Digital will be showcasing new features of its Streamscope ATSC transport stream monitor and analyzer. New features include a transport stream summary display, support for closed captioning, and tools for cable headend analysis.


Àccom (SU7325):
At NAB2003, Àccom will be showing its Abekas-powered AFFINITY NLE with the new Dimension 8.3.3 software. Enhancements make clip editing and moving tasks faster, keyboard commands more responsive, and the process of locating and searching for footage files faster. There is also better audio import—MP3, WAV, AIF, UA, GSM, MPEG, and QCP audio files as well as CD audio and AIFF files can now be imported—and improved keyframing. The keyframer can be detached from the TrackSheet and placed anywhere on the screen to make more efficient use of the screen space. In addition, keyframes can be created directly from the DVE controls without using auto insert.

Editware (SU7053):
Editware will show Fastrack, its flagship product, at NAB2003. Its graphic user interface and control allows nonlinear editing with as few as one server channel all the way up to 80 channels from multiple servers and VTRs. Fastrack can control video switchers, audio mixers, DVEs, and VTRs. Since its NAB2002 debut, it has evolved to include applications for sports highlighting, simultaneous acquisition, editing, and playout for news and sports, creation of sub-clips and sequences for automation systems, multiscreen multimedia presentations, and reformatting of syndicated shows (time compression).

Matrox (SL631):
Matrox Video Products Group will have on display the Matrox RT.X100, the Parhelia/Adobe After Effects bundle, and the Incite Editor 3.0. The RT.X100 features realtime DV and MPEG-2 output, realtime three-way color correction, realtime chromakeying, realtime motion control, and an array of Matrox Flex 3D-powered realtime effects. The Matrox Parhelia/Adobe After Effects bundle enhances video compositing productivity with dual-display plus TV-output technology, a free What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) plug-in for viewing projects on an NTSC or PAL video monitor, and the high-quality analog, digital, and TV output for RGB and video.

Media 100 (SL2856):
Media 100 will exhibit several new advancements to its recently expanded 844/X family of editing systems. The company will feature numerous enhancements to 844/Xi and 844/Xe, including new HDX Technology—a first-step expansion of the GenesisEngine to support HD; The Finishing Release—Version 2.0 software for 844/X; and XBLUR—a realtime, multistream, 10-bit Gaussian Blur.

Encoders & Converters

Adtec Digital (SU5870):
Adtec Digital will be showcasing its new edje-2000, the company’s first realtime MPEG encoder. Capable of converting baseband or uncompressed digital video and audio into an MPEG-2 transport or program stream, the edje-2000 will serve as a contribution quality encoder. The edje-2000 supports DVB-ASI and IP platforms concurrently and is targeted to satellite, broadcast, and cable contribution, cable distribution, IP surveillance, distance learning, and medical applications.

Harmonic (SU5449):
Harmonic will be showcasing a new Digital Program Insertion (DPI) solution, which enables broadcasters to “regionalize” content and increase revenue potential. The core of the solution is the company’s DiviCom MV50 MPEG-2 video encoder, which has been enhanced to support “Digital Cue Tones,” as defined in the SCTE 35 standard. The complete solution allows for both long- and short-form content, such as feature-length programs and advertisements, to be inserted into an already encoded video stream. The DiviCom MV50 encoder provides advanced compression and noise reduction capabilities with dual-pass LookAhead encoding for constant bit-rate and statistical multiplexing variable bit-rate applications.

ISIS Group (C361):
ISIS will be showing its new conversion product line, which targets the need for compact systems tools. The new conversion products will give broadcasters the ability to keep analog source equipment in service while dealing with the need to convert core facility functions to SDI operation. The new conversion product line includes a GUI with comprehensive control and signal customization abilities.

JVC (C2050) & LSI Logic (SL3668):
JVC and LSI Logic have announced the industry’s first realtime HDTV encoder PCI board, the HDTVxpress Compressor. With the new JVC HDTVxpress Compressor PCI board, with HD encoding enabled by LSI Logic, it is now possible to compress HD-level, high-resolution content in realtime on a Windows 2000-based PC. LSI Logic’s DoMiNo technology contributed to the new HD encoder card, providing a powerful video processing engine delivering more than four times the performance of existing codec solutions.

The HDTVxpress Compressor PCI encoder board includes an HD-SDI input (SMPTE 292M) and a DVB-ASI (Transport) output. The HDTVxpress Compressor encoder board supports realtime MPEG-2 (HL@MP) encoding and provides high-quality video compression for 1920 x 1080 pixels/59.94i; 1440 x 1080 pixels/59.94i; 1280 x 1080 pixels/59.94i; and 1280 x 720 pixels/59.94p resolutions. The DoMiNo architecture is also capable of 4:2:2 LGOP encoding, as well as audio compression.

TANDBERG Television (C3711):
TANDBERG Television will introduce a new encoding platform designed to support a broad range of HDTV applications. The new ATSC- and DVB-compliant E5780 encoder brings key benefits in efficiently managing bandwidth utilization in traditionally bandwidth-heavy HD applications such as digital cinema and digital dailies. The E5780 is built on the same platform as the E5720 MPEG-2 encoder. Any E5720 standard definition encoder can become HD capable with the addition of a new module fitted into the back of the unit.

Teranex (C462):
Teranex is introducing StarPack, a new pre-compression processor in a compact 2RU package. StarPack delivers Teranex’s outstanding image quality and technology flexibility at a highly competitive price point by increasing bit-rate efficiency of compressed streams for digital media distribution.

StarPack combines realtime grain reduction, temporal recursive, and brickwall filter algorithms to minimize all extraneous noise while maximizing corresponding picture quality, enabling the user to make the best usage of allocated bandwidth. StarPack addresses the noise that is accumulated in a video sequence as it progresses through the production and distribution processes; processes such as analog to digital conversions, tape generation losses, and drop-outs caused by terrestrial transmission. StarPack reduces the bits that are spent on the noise artifacts by detecting the noise and replacing it with real video content. In doing so, the compressor spends its resources compressing real video content instead of noise, and the quality of the compressed video is increased.


Chyron Graphics (C2074):
Chyron Graphics will be launching several new solutions at NAB2003. SOLO, a broadcast-quality graphics and CG system that runs on a laptop, will be introduced. It supports realtime animation and optional dual-channel squeezeback capabilities. Also introduced will be CAMIO, a centralized on-air graphics solution featuring “Hub and Spoke” content creation, storage, transport, and playout. Another new product, MicroScribe, delivers Chyron-quality graphics as a fully integrated Chyron digital pcCODI in a 1U, Pentium 4R chassis.

Aprisa RePlay, a next-generation multichannel clip and stillstore, will make its debut at NAB2003. Aprisa RePlay allows stills and clips to be played out independently or digitally layered together.

The new PCI Squeeze is a PCI graphics and dual-channel squeezeback board that supports Chyron’s CAL (Chyron Application Library) API for realtime, data-driven graphics and animations.

Evertz (C3412):
Evertz will be bringing to NAB2003 its new SDI downstream media keyer system, the 9625DSK-LGA. The system is a complete SDI logo and audio insertion package that will key one or many static/animated “bugs” over a full-bandwidth SDI program video signal. It will also “Duck” insert preformatted audio clips. Media created in BMP, Tiff, TGA, or Wave file formats can be imported into the InstaLogo software and uploaded to the 9625DSK-LGA via RS-232 or Ethernet. It is stored in flash memory and can be quickly accessed via front panel, quick select keys, GPI inputs, and automation. The DSK provides a 12-bit processing path for linear and additive keying using separate/external key sources or self keying, giving users the option of video switching or mixing depending on their application.

FOR-A (C2838):

FOR-A will introduce a turnkey, data-driven graphics solution the DigiWarp. The template-based, on-air graphics solution provides realtime, high-quality 2D and 3D CG for graphics and animation for sports, weather, election coverage, financial data, mapping, statistics boxes, and information graphic applications. It provides a central interface to newsroom computing systems for the management and distribution of media assets within a broadcast environment.

Leitch (SU4525):
At NAB2003, Leitch will be featuring its LogoMotion II, the next generation of LogoMotion products. LogoMotion can insert up to four logos at once, and layers may be static logos, animated logos, digital clock (with or without time and temperature), analog clock, or an external key/fill source. Layers may be any size and positioned anywhere on the screen, and up to 999 logos can be instantly accessible “online.” Other features include four-channel AES capability, support of multiple graphics formats, Ethernet network connectivity for logo interchange, and full CCS compatibility.

Panasonic (C904):
Panasonic will be introducing the new AV-CGP500 at NAB. AV-CG500 is a multi-application, multi-format realtime graphics processor. It will offer realtime rendering of broadcast quality graphics for HD (1080i) and for standard definition video (480i). Future implementation for HD is 720/60p and 1080/24p. The graphic system has been developed by cooperation with software company vizrt. The system is designed for on-air sports/live graphics and virtual set applications.

Pinnacle Systems (SU5003):
At NAB2003, Pinnacle Systems will be showcasing several solutions, including the DekoMOS, DekoObjex, and Deko1000. The DekoMOS is a complete software for configuring the Avid iNEWS and Associated Press Newsroom Computer System (NCS) to communicate with Deko via the MOS protocol. The DekoObjex is an option that delivers broad-based, DVE-style object control to FXDeko II, Deko2200, and the new Deko1000.

The Deko1000 is a single-channel digital character generator designed for local broadcasters, as well as larger facilities needing additional Deko seats.
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Pixel Power (SU5359):
At NAB2003, Pixel Power will be showcasing the Clarity2 SD character generator with new audio clip capabilities, new Clarity2 Version 5 software, a dual-channel option for Collage2 and Graphite2, PixelMOS for Clarity, and the PixelBrowser content browser.

New enhanced I/O capabilities for the dual-channel Clarity2 character generator include eight audio channels, full support for embedded and AES/EBU audio, relay bypass for the dual downstream keyers on video, and key and dual SDI preview outputs with keys.

The Clarity2 Version 5 features dual-video squeezeback, continuous tickers, and Visual Basic scripting.

The dual-channel option for Collage2 and Graphite2 has two clean broadcast outputs with the ability to edit text on a third status output.

PixelMOS is Pixel Power’s implementation of the MOS protocol, consisting of a PixelMOS server and any number of Clarity character generators. It is able to provide transparent access of CG resources across multiple sites with automated dubbing of CG media to the physical Pixel Power Clarity playout devices.

The PixelBrowser Content Browser is a Web-based browser that allows users, through a common Web browser, to search the library of stills, clips, and pages and drag and drop images to create a playlist.


Canon (C2040):
Canon will be showing its IFxs series of portable SD lenses including its new J22ex7.6B e-IFxs enhanced zoom lens, as well as its HDxs series of portable HD lenses, all applicable to news gathering and mobile sports production.
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Fujinon (SU5710):
Fujinon has raised the performance bar with the introduction of a new sports lens with 101x magnification—the highest zoom ratio TV zoom lens available. The new XA101x8.9BESM also features the widest angle of any high-magnification sports lens, making it ideal for shooting widescreen 16:9 HD as well as 4:3 standard definition images.

The XA101x8.9BESM includes Fujinon’s exclusive built-in OS-Tech optical stabilization system for steady, clear image capture, while the built-in moisture removal system will keep the lens operating even under the harshest conditions. Multiple moving zoom groups designed into the XA101x8.9BESM lens minimize coma and field curvature while reducing overall size and weight. In addition, Fujinon’s exclusive advanced back focus technology enables remote control of macro and focus fade on wide shots. No other lens in this category has this feature.

The new high-powered zoom lens is designed for 2/3-inch HD CCD cameras and provides focal lengths of 8.9-900mm (1x) and 17.8 -1800mm (2x), a 2x extender and a zoom ratio of 101x. At 252 (h) x 252 (l) x 666 (w) mm in size and weighing 50 pounds, the XA101x8.9BESM zoom is sure to fit a range of live sports and news event coverage applications.

Master Control
Doyle Technology Consultants (NVISION C2650):
Doyle Technology Consultants is unveiling a multichannel master control solution at NAB, designed to address requirements for the management of ATSC data streams. It combines Doyle’s expertise in systems integration with technology innovations from NVISION and Sundance Digital. The solution includes an integrated signal management and master control engine built around NVISION’s new NV5128-MC master control/multiformat routing switcher as well as a Titan automation system from Sundance Digital, designed for multichannel, server-based broadcast facilities. The Doyle solution will also be usable with Sundance Digital’s FastBreak Automation systems.

PESA (SU6625):
PESA Switching Systems will bring a number of new products and upgrades to NAB for the first time, including MCLite, a compact multichannel SD master control switcher. Streamlined for small- and mid-sized markets, it features up to four keying layers, a logo keyer with internal storage, optional DVE squeezeback, AES and embedded audio processing, automation, and GPIO interfaces.