Excellence Awards MTV Pegasus

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production facilities Submitted by MTV Networks Design teamMTV Networks: Michael Bivona, vp of eng. and
production technologies;
Danny Walters, remote dept. EIC; Shipley Landiss, eng. mgr.
Diversified Systems: Alan Bourke, proj. mgr.; Kent Green, design eng.; Lars Osterlind, design eng. Technology at work Calrec Alpha 100 audio
VIP multi-imagers
VistaLINK monitoring
Ikegami HDK-79E
Mobilized Systems
custom trailer
Samsung 21in LCD
DVW-M2000 DigiBeta
MVS-8000 four M/E
multiformat video
SRW-5500 VTRs
Utah Scientifi c 400 series
routing switchers

MTV Networks goes on the road with its HD mobile unit — Pegasus

With the launch of MHD (an HD network) and increased demand for in-house HD content acquisition, MTV Networks needed an HD mobile unit. Systems integrator Diversified Systems helped the broadcaster design a double-expando Mobilized Systems trailer named Pegasus.

With 16 Ikegami HDK-79E cameras, the unit can easily switch between fiber-optic and triax-based camera cable systems. The cameras can output resolutions of 1080i/720p HD and 480i/480p SD at multiple frame rates.

A Sony MVS-8000A four M/E multiformat video switcher with 80 inputs and 48 outputs provides a smooth transition between HD and SD. A key element of the switcher’s architecture is separate control and data LAN design. This design allows for dedicated control panel communications to the mainframe, eliminating unnecessary data traffic.

Sony BVM HD/SD series monitors were installed in critical viewing locations such as camera tracking, video shading, and program and preview. Two 32in Sony HD/SD monitors for program and preset provide an incredible viewing experience within the production control room. The monitor wall also includes 14 Sony BVM 14in HD/SD series monitors for camera tracking and 21 Samsung 21.3in LCD monitors fed by Evertz VIP multi-imagers. The truck’s tape area features 16 Sony SRW-5500 HD videotape recorders, which can record and playback both HDCAM and HDCAM-SR formats. The recorders can also playback and downconvert SD DigiBeta tapes. The Sony HD decks allow for dual record of both HDCAM and HDCAM-SR. They can also record up to 12 discreet audio channels. A six-channel HD/SD EVS LSM-XT HD disk recorder and two Sony DVW-M2000 DigiBeta VTRs were also installed.

Pegasus features a Calrec Alpha 100 digital audio console with 144 analog mic/line inputs, 144 analog line outputs, 128 AES inputs and 128 AES outputs. The Alpha 100 provides a dual port MADI interface, 64 channel faders, 48 mono multi-track busses, 5.1 mixing and monitoring, Dolby E capabilities, and has recently received Calrec’s Blue Fin upgrade.

Evertz VistaLINK software enables monitoring and set up of individual modules from one central location. A VIP system is a critical component of the monitor wall, allowing for programmable quad splits with UDMs in both HD and SD resolutions. Utah Scientific 400 series routers provide critical A/V routing. Pegasus also features extensive fi ber, triax, coax, audio and intercom connections, as well as independent HD and SD outputs.

Pegasus has successfully completed productions such as the “MTV Video Music Awards,” “MTV Movie Awards” and various shoots for MHD, VH1, Comedy Central and CMT.